VitalGrill Survival Stove – Review

What Makes VitalGrill Stove The Perfect Choice for You

First of all the thing we need to mention here is that this product is a perfect outdoor stove for campers and backpackers because it doesn't require gathering and carrying large quantities of fuel along the way.

This stove model probably seems like a pricey investment, but in the opinion of many satisfied users, it is worth every penny.  VitalGrill is environmentally friendly due to the fact that it can use many dry biological materials as a source of fuel: wood, twigs, straw, natural fibers, paper, charcoal and other materials.


Another thing you will notice after using this equipment, is that it offers great value for money. It is a well-engineered piece of technology, and it has more than the average stability, so there will be no accidental fires. The downside of this item is the fact it weights a pound and a half and for some people it is a lot, but you have to consider additional weight of the fuel you have to carry for other types of stoves. The weight of VitalGrill oven alone makes it a viable choice for light backpackers because there is no need to take with you any fuel at all.

Fuel consumption of this stove is very convenient cooking equipment. It uses a small amount of fuel for cooking. Small fan that runs on AA batteries and because of that  it can heat up  the stove very fast. Once you place the fuel and light it up, the fire will create a temperature for cooking in a matter of minutes.

All The Benefits of Using VitalGrill Survival Stove

survival stove by vital review

It has a fan powered by 2 AA batteries. The battery can last 35-40 hours, depending on the flame settings (off, low, high). This oven uses rechargeable batteries, which will power up the fan for up to 40 hours per one charge. With two sets of AA batteries, you will be able to use this stove for a week or two depending on the number of the hours you use it per day.

The thing you will need to do when you light up this stove is adding the fuel regularly to keep the fire up. In most cases that will not be a problem since the food will be ready in very short time.

In addition, two-speed settings and damper mechanism make the control of the fire easy, and you will be able to adjust the temperature for all kinds of cooking and boiling.

Finally, adjustable pot supports and all the other benefits this piece of equipment offers cannot go unnoticed among the people who adore nature and camping. Therefor, we would recommend buying this item. We are sure you will become one more satisfied user, who cannot go to adventure or camping trip without this useful product.

If you are not certain about this product yet, we would like to add one crucial thing about this device that might help you make a final decision. It is foldable and easy to transport, so you don't have to worry about where will you find a place for it. 




  • Stove type: wood burning (hard fuel stove)
  • Weight: 1lb 10oz
  • Max weight support 50 lb
  • ​Dimensions 4.92 x 0.98 x 8.03 inches
  • Battery life: 40 hours
  • Heat output: 760-1200 Fahrenheit


  • Solidly built from stainless steel and well-engineered so it is easy to use
  • The stove requires very little fuel for cooking and boiling process
  • Fan ensures quick temperature build-up
  • Adjustable pot supports
  • Heat output is easily managed through damper mechanism and speed setting of the fan
  • Easily foldable for transport
  • Diversity of fuel types makes it a very useful appliance for every backpacker


  • A pound and a half make it a medium weight piece of appliance
  • It needs batteries what makes it technology dependable
  • A lot of moving/changeable parts
  • Needs a pretty constant fuel feeding
  • Fire bans render this stove useless as it has open flame

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