SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter – User Review

All  You Need to Know About Tanto Knife 

SE KHK6320 Tanto is a very impressive knife I found to be very useful on a camping trip. It costs around 8 dollars which is inexpensive, and even though it has some flaws, the knife is a necessary survival tool. I decided to purchase this little knife and use it as my backup blade on the camping trip.

I used this knife to make several things out of the wood and I must say that I am very satisfied with it. The knife was perfect for woodwork and I used it to shape up the bench I made from the wood I found around our camp. The knife lost its edge quite quickly, but with a tool for sharpening the blade, this knife becomes a viable tool.

outdoor tanto knife

The handle of the knife could be better but its shape is still perfect for many different activities as it protects the wearer from the edge. This blade has a second edge which is around 2” and due to this, it is a perfect tool for making holes in wood.

I also found this knife to be useful as a kitchen blade as well. After I found the diversity of uses this little knife has I used it for everything and due to that I had to pack away my primary 100 dollar blades.

tanto knife review

SE KHK6320 Tanto comes with Firestarter which is, in this case, a magnesium alloy fire starter which can come in handy.

This blade looks very nice since it is made of black 440 steel. Its handle is covered in cords, which is something many campers and knife enthusiasts loathe and the same thing happened to me. Still, some love it.

Some Improvements You Can Make With The Blade

I removed handle wrap because it was uncomfortable after 15 minutes of use. Holes in the steel of the handle made it easy to replace the handle wrap and make this knife very comfortable to use.

tanto knife with firestarter

I used a piece of the plastic jug (piece of milk jug will do) to ensure that the tip of the knife doesn’t damage the nylon sheath. This small improvement is advisable because the nylon sheath is very weak material and once you put an edge on this knife it will go through the material of the sheath which can cause injuries.

At the end, I must conclude that this blade is something that needs a bit of work, but once you do the modifications it will be a useful tool for all kind of things. I used it as carpenter tool as well as the kitchen tool and it did the job. Even though the edge lost its black color I have decided to keep this knife and use it on camping trips in the future.




  • Overall length: 7"
  • Edge length: 3”
  • Thickness of the knife: 4mm
  • Material: 440 steel
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Color: black knife with green handle
  •  Type of grip: Thumb grip
  • Special Feature: Magnesium Fire starter
  • Additional Feature: Nylon Sheath


  • Cheap knife that will serve you for a long time
  • Addition of the Fire Starter makes it a tool that has multiple useful purposes
  • Almost weightless, this blade will be a good backup blade for every camping trip
  • It can be used for many different things, from carpenter to kitchen work
  •  Nylon cord ensures excellent grip on the knife
  • Thumb grip is perfect for a knife of this size which makes it very safe to use


  • Edge is very blunt and you will have to work on it to make it usable
  • Handle is very uncomfortable and you will have to replace it
  • Nylon sheath must be modified once you put a better edge on this blade

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