The Top 5 Rocky Mountain National Park Camping Essentials


Are you getting ready to embark on your next adventure into the great outdoors?

Well, you need the right equipment first to make sure your campfire scary stories don’t turn into a real life nightmare!  Camping can be an exciting and family-friendly activity for adventure seekers of all ages, but it can also quickly turn into a disaster without the right gear.

Staying In The Rocky Mountain National Park Campgrounds

Nestled between the majestic peaks of the Colorado wilderness, the Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the premier camping location in the world. Lovers of the great outdoors flock to this state park from every corner of the globe to take in the awe-inspiring scenery and enjoy sightings of the abundant wildlife.

Whether you are staying at Timber Creek, Glacier Basin, Aspenglen, or any of other campgrounds, it is essential that you pack the right supplies if you want to remain a happy camper. To help you check off the main essentials from your list, we have scoped out the best camping gear on the market that will make your visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park camping grounds one that you and your family and friends will remember forever.



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 ENO Pro Fly
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#1 - Kelty Salida Tent

Joe Rocket Classic 92

Unless you want to be stranded with the grizzlies and coyotes, you can probably guess that a high-quality tent is a must have on your camping trip. However, while many tents may look the same, all tents are certainly not created equal.

While camping your tent is your shelter and you don’t want to end up with a tear in your roof exposing you to wind, rain, snow, not to mention a variety of nighttime lurkers—both human and furry. At the same time, however, a tent should give you the freedom to get up and go, with easy set-up, breakdown, and optimized portability so that you can enjoy the outdoor activities you came to camp for in the first place.

The Kelty Salida 2 tent offers the perfect balance of lightweight portability and heavy-duty quality. This two person tent is backpack friendly, making it perfect for those brave backpackers looking to make a trek across the Rockies. The easy setup also saves time with a two-pole compact folding system, color coded clips and fly attachments, and convenient gearloft loops.

This compact tent also features 360-degree mesh panels, allowing you sleep under the stars and take in the magnificent Colorado sky. For nights where snow or rain are in the forecast, this tent is also prepared to weather the harshest climates, with an included rainfly that is 100% seam taped, keeping you nice and dry.

Whether you’re looking to backpack across the Rockies, or set up camp and stay a while, the Kelty Salida 2 Tent is one of the best home-away-from-home options for virtually any type of camper.

#2 - Cascade Mountain Tech Walking Poles

Milwaukee Police Style

They don’t call the Rockies “the Rockies” because of their gentle hills—no, this mountain range is known for its somewhat rugged surface and rocky trails that can present an exciting challenge for hiking enthusiasts.

When trekking across the steep trails of the Rockies, it is essential to pack quality walking poles that will give you the support you need every step of the way. The Cascade Mountain Tech walking poles are some of the most popular walking poles for Colorado hikes, with high-quality construction, a comfortable EVA grip, and an anti-shock feature for added stability.

While Cascade manufactures a wide range of pole types, including lightweight carbon fiber options, many consider the aluminum poles the best choice for hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park because the durable material is more suited for challenging hikes.

In addition, these trekking poles feature a tungsten carbide tip, allowing you to climb even the toughest surfaces, and also comes with snow baskets, optional disks, and other tip attachments for hiking on softer land.

#3 - Etekcity Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

emergency light

When electricity isn’t an option, you need a reliable portable light to ward off nighttime creepy crawlies. The Etekcity 4 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Lantern set is a #1 Amazon Best Seller offering an unbeatable value on ultra-bright lights.

These lanterns are perfect for camping thanks to their military-grade build and water-resistant exterior, perfect for outdoor adventuring. With an innovative collapsible design and fold away handles, these lights are a breeze to pack and travel with.

Each lantern in this Etekcity pack features 30 LED bulbs each with 360 degrees of energy efficient lighting. To control the brightness you can simply adjust the height of the lantern, making them user-friendly for campers of all ages.

Lastly, the suspension handle also makes this lantern practical, allowing you to hang it conveniently in your tent or carry it with you wherever you go.Lighter, brighter, and more durable than most flashlights this lantern set will give you the power you need to keep you from getting left in the dark.

#4 - High Sierra Loop Backpack


If you’re ready to live your life out of a backpack, you’d better choose one wisely. The High Sierra Loop Backpack is perfect for any Rocky Mountain National Park camping trip or day on a trail.

Featuring multi-compartment storage, this backpack makes keeping your gear organized as easy as possible. In addition to the ample storage space inside, the monster hooks and adjustable bottom strap also allow you to attach a sleeping back or tent with ease, perfect for those looking to backpack across the Rockies.

While you’re hiking along a trail, the side mesh pocket allows you to conveniently store a water bottle, while sunglasses and other gadgets can be stored in the accessories pouch on the top of the bag. Though you’ll probably want to ditch your electronics back at home, this bag also features a tablet pouch, making it a versatile option for both outdoor and home use.

#5 - ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - ProFly Rain Tarp


Last but not least, if you’re looking to pack a piece of gear that has seemingly endless options for multipurpose use, it’s the ENO Profly Rain Tarp.

This lightweight, weather resistant tarp can be draped over your tent for added rain protection, used on its own for the minimalist camper, hung over a hammock or bench for some shade on a sunny day, and so much more.

Time To Get Packing!

With the right gear, your trip to the Rocky Mountains National Park can leave you unforgettable memories packed with outdoor adventure, nature, and family fun. Now that you know what you need for your camping trip!

So that wraps up all our reviews of the camping essentials that we recommend taking on your Rocky Mountain adventure. Click through to our top rated sellers to check each one of them off your packing list!

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