LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – User Review

Get Clean Water Everywhere

Since I am a big fan of outdoor activities, I go camping a lot. I also like, when two of my friends are free and don’t have to go to work, so we can go on a survival expedition. I had bought LifeStraw Personal Filter, and I have to say that I am more than satisfied with the product. The best thing about the filter is that it requires no batteries, nor it has any moving parts that can be worn out . Once your filter does not filter water anymore, just throw it away and buy another one.

There is a hollow membrane filter that is built into a straw, so you literally place the straw in the water, and you can drink the water. You suck the water up through the filter, and the filter removes about 99% of bacteria. It will not filter chemicals, viruses or taste, so drinking the stagnant water, even though you have the filter, is not recommended at all.

LifeStraw - Water Filter Perfect For Every Occasion

The first thing I have noticed about this survival tool is its compactness – it is not too big, nor even too small. You can put it in your shirt pocket and carry it around without any problems. Its dimensions are around 8.86x0.98x8.86 inches, so it’s perfect survival tool for any occasion. It is necessary when you are going  biking, hiking or you just lost in the wilderness.

I thought twice I had lost the LifeStraw – it weighs only 0.11 pounds, so you don’t even notice it in your pocket. I would recommend you to take some string and attach it to LifeStraw to prevent losing it. Tthe LifeStraw has a small hook at the top and also at the bottom, so you can use these for attaching. 

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I tried drinking water from the river several times. First, we took the water from a river and boiled it and drank it – it tasted good. Then, we took the same water from the same river and drank it using this filter.  The boiled water was somehow “easier for drinking” while the water that was filtered tasted excellent. 

Filter With Long Life Span

lifestraw review

I have been using this filter for about year and a half, and it still works like a charm. They say it can filter about 1000 liters of water, and I would agree on this one. I have filtered probably around 700-800 liters, and it still works, so I will try to track the mentioned limit and see if they were right about the amount. One thing I noticed, though – it is much harder, and it takes more time to drink the water when you are at the higher altitude.

I would recommend LifeStraw personal filter to all outdoor activists – it can help you when you are out of the water.



It is a great survival tool that can provide you with the drinking water in a very short period. The filter contains no chemicals or toxins, which is great but also at the same time it eliminates the possibility of drinking water that is contaminated (sea water, ponds or other types of stagnant water). The product is very handy – it’s only about 8.86x0.98x8.86 inches, and it weighs around 0.11 pounds.

The filter removes about 99% of bacteria from water (including salmonella, giardia,e-Coli, etc.), filtering up to 0.2 microns. This filtering process does not require any power or batteries for work - it only uses hollow filter membrane for the filtering process. The filter requires often cleaning, but it is not a big deal – you just need to backflush the filter, and you are good to go. This amazing survival tool can filter up to 1000 liters of water, which is a great amount, especially if you are only an occasional and amateur outdoor explorer.


  • Lightweight
  • No chemicals
  • Easy to operate


  • Can’t filter stagnant water
  • Works tougher at higher altitudes


  • Survival
  • Emergency situations


  • Filtration of the stagnant water or heavy polluted water

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