The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet by LAST MAN – Review

This paracord bracelet is an exceptionally great gadget, especially if you are a outdoor explorer or survivalist.  Last Man Survival Bracelet comes with the instructions since this is a multiple- tool, not only a bracelet.

last man product review

Everything You Need in One Survival Bracelet

First of all - you will get 1x12” length of paracord string very sturdy and ideal for knitting and stringing. This item can come in very handy even if you want to make an improvised wood shed. We would highly recommend it for any use due to its longevity and robust structure. In case you need to secure something, you can always do that with two safety pins included in the bracelet. The other great gadget you will get is the compass. The compass is liquid filled, and it’s very precise, so you will be certain never to get lost in the wilderness.

Offset kale hook with 20” leader line comes in handy when you want to go fishing, and you need a good-quality hook. It is ideal for river fishing. There is also another bait, a bit smaller with the same size leather line which is perfect for small fish. Another great thing you can do with this item is using it for hooking some wire through the wood, and this improvisation proved products' quality. There are 2 1/8 inch line swivels which are perfect for fishing – you can forget the tangling if you use these while fishing. 30 ft of the 10lb fishing line also comes with this paracord bracelet which is awesome for fishing, but you might even use it for transporting smaller items over the slope.

Everything You Need in One Survival Bracelet

Although the declaration says “up to 10lbs,” we have tested it on a bit heavier objects and confirmed that you may attach a bit larger things on it. As you can see, this bracelet has a lot of fishing gadgets. It also has two foam bobbers and two egg sinkers that proved to be great things for fishing.

survival bracelet kit by last man review

The proof that this multi-tool bracelet has everything you need for an emergency situation is ¼ inch long ferrocerium fire starter rod with 2 inches serrated fire starter. This fire starter will help you to light a fire in almost any situation, even during the windy time. You only need a small spark, and the fire is on. The bracelet has also dried grass tinder bundle that will be of great help for lighting a fire. After reading about all the pieces of equipment you get within this bracelet, you might think that it would be better if you disassemble it. We would still recommend you not to do that since you have all the necessary survival gadgets on it.



 Last Man kit bracelet is an ultra-survival-all-in-one gadget that must be a part of your wilderness survival gear, whether you are just an outdoor- recreational enthusiast or a professional survivalist and prepper. Due to its versatility, you will not be surprised by any situation in the wilderness. This 16-piece package will provide you with the essential survival tools for any occasion – from fishing to setting up your camp.

The best gadget is paracord that has a strong structure, which will ensure safe tightening for anything you could need. It comes in several color variations: army green, black, digital camo, gunmetal, and coyote. You can also buy this gadget without a compass if you don't need or want one. This version without the compass is a bit cheaper. From fishing hooks and foam bobbers to the compass and fire starter – you will be prepared for every challenge that nature can offer.


  • Compactness
  • Versatility


  • Sturdy
  • Sizing


  • Emergency package
  • Fishing


  • Constant wearing due to a sturdy and harsh structure

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